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New Hampshire

How Buttigieg Stole a Delegate in New Hampshire in the Exact Way We Predicted

The mainstream media, predictably, has taken the focus off of Sanders following his narrow victory in New Hampshire to focus on the relative position of the candidates that came in second, third, and fourth. This takes the spotlight off of the election rigging that happened in the granite state exactly where and how The Mockingbird predicted it would happen on Monday February 10th in this article where we examined the obvious and long standing security flaws in tabulation equipment.


How the Democratic Primary Can Be Rigged in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a piece of America that is idolized but rarely examined. The popular image of small towns, direct democracy, strong traditions of in person public life and the very concept of a town hall meeting are neatly filed in the American public consciousness under the words “New Hampshire” and “Vermont”. New Hampshire, which in recent statistics votes 53% Republican in General Elections, is the first direct vote primary in this election season and a traditional momentum builder for any presidential contender.