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Victory in a High-Stakes bout for the Ohio Roller Derby All Stars.

Saturday April 30 a cold hard wind blew into Columbus from Ontario. It was a Saturday showdown with the Tri-City Thunder and the stakes were high in this storm. According to sources that understand the complex math of the WFTDA ranking system, both teams had a great deal riding on the contest. The sources were tentative about the math both because of it's complexity and the dependency of the long term outcomes other team's seasons.


Ohio Roller Girls Open 2016 Season with a slugfest against the Ann Arbor Brawl Stars.

The OHRD 2016 season opening bout promised to be tough derby before it even began as Ohio's mighty mavens of mayhem squared off the Ann Arbor Brawlstars, a rising division two team. Ranked 56, Ann Arbor had skyrocketed up 29 ranking places in the 2015 season and not had to suffer roster cuts from retirements or transfers. Both the charter team and B-team bouts were projected to be tough, and those projections proved more than true.