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Meet the Oligarchs Counting the Iowa Primary with a New Secret Cellphone App

Gerry Bello

In 2016 the Iowa caucus was decided by a coin toss for Hillary Clinton. More correctly seven coin tosses of which Clinton won six. Perhaps Clinton used up all of her luck in those moments as successive coin tosses won by one party six times in a row happens 1 in 64 times. The votes in face to face meetings are re-tabulated at the state level and delegates are awarded by some method that is so far from transparent that in 2016 J. Pablo Silva, a historian at Grinnell College and a caucus secretary who wasn’t alerted when the state party transferred a delegate from Sanders to Clinton said “I never got a satisfactory explanation for how they arrived at their number.” In the interest of having even less transparency big tech moguls and DNC loyalists have injected a secret cellphone tabulation app for security against “Russian Hackers.”

There is literally no information on who wrote the app that will be used to report results to the secret central tabulation station with opaque math. What is known is who pushed for it, who oversaw it's implementation and what their backstory is. The public face of the effort, Troy Price, is of course from Iowa and the State Party Chairman. He worked on the Clinton Campaign in Iowa during the 2016 secret math and improbable coin toss to caucus. He worked with the Democratic National Committee to get the secret app implemented.

The effort at the national level to put the secret app in play are lead by two people. One, Nellwyn Thomas, worked with him on the Clinton Campaign from 2015-2016. She is the DNC Chief Technology Officer. After the Clinton Campaign she went on to work for Facebook in 2017 where, according to her bio, she “led data science teams that work on products for small businesses, location infrastructure, and the advertising ecosystem across the family of apps.” That is shorthand for data mining and the kind of cross platform and cross device surveillance that industry denies happening despite clear evidence proving otherwise. Prior to becoming involved in politics she worked for Etsy, where she worked on the firms IPO. That IPO was underwritten by Allen and Company, which is headed by former CIA director George Tenet.

Her partner at the national level is Bob Lord, the Democratic National Committee's Chief Security Officer is another big tech Oligarch. Lord previously worked at Yahoo, a subsidiary of NSA spying partner Verizon, Microsoft, and AOL. All his positions were at the most senior levels. He is currently Chief Digital Officer for IBM.

Needless to say, with previous employment at Verizon and AOL, this Bob Lord is against net neutrality and the free flow of information. He is partnered up with Facebook executive “Nell” Thomas to count your votes. He worked with her before, as he has been the DNC's chief security officers since 2016, when the DNC had backdoor access for both themselves and the Clinton campaign to the Sander's campaign database.

What is in place is a troika of Clinton loyalists and “Never Sanders” partisans injecting untested software at the last moment into the voting process. This software will then sit in between the caucus rooms and the central tabulators. The central tabulation machines will use a mathematical method that produced results through a process that at least PhD has publicly stated he can not understand. Voting should be simple addition, which is not to difficult for most people at any level of education.

The political affiliations of these partisan overseers would not be of as great interest had Clinton herself not injected herself into the current campaign with her famed “Nobody likes him” attack on Sanders. Considering that Clinton's close circle of loyalists is small and these three are part of it this attack was significant and brings their impartiality into question.

The additional layer of of big tech connections is also significant. Thomas works in data manipulation and advertising for Facebook. Lord is a net neutrality opponent. Additionally, Thomas has worked first hand with George Tenet, who was appointed CIA director by Hillary Clinton's husband Bill.

Together this is literally the perfect storm for election fraud. The final campaign rallies in Iowa happened yesterday and according to news reports attendance at a Sanders rally was over 3000 while attendance at rallies for other candidates we reported by disillusioned journalists as “a few hundred” for unnamed centrists. As the country holds it's head, still aching with a post failed impeachment hangover, these connections and other machinations may well go under reported.

The Mockingbird will follow any issue of process with this election. 2020 is already shaping up to be the dirtiest Democratic primary since Tammany hall ran New York City's elections with a silver dollar in one hand a club in the other.