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Bernie Bots and Russian Bros: DNC Conversation Control on Social Media Plans to Make All Opposition a Conspiracy

Gerry Bello

The Democratic National Committee has been attacking all opposition as vaguely Russian since before the party convention they rigged with white noise generators in 2016. Following the embarrassing defeat in the general election of their chosen one, they have sought to control the conversation with tools to eliminate any voice that opposes a very narrow politic they consider correct. Things outside this narrow politic are “Russian.” This began with ProporNot, a chrome browser extension that blocks or flags many American alternative media sources as “Russian” or “Parroting Russian talking points.” This includes such long standing publications as CounterPunch. “Russian” is synonymous with “not corporate” in this usage.

ProporNot, which is basic censorware, was a ham fisted attempt to get the job done. Although it was promoted by a State Department dependent academic, it did not go far. Not many people want to install an actual program to tell them what they may and may not read. The idea does not jibe well with rejecting totalitarianism.

The Iowa Caucus began it's predictable meltdown after secret software written by Facebook Alumni, financed by both the DNC and Buttigieg campaign, and then “tested” by the intelligence community, failed to rig the election. The same people are also responsible for another piece of software, one that will be used to direct both partisans and bots to control the narrative. That software works not on your computer but theirs and it is designed to direct people to use identify stories as false and direct a troll army to attack all instances of it.

It is called Trendolizer and it was reveal proudly on CNN's website by the DNC CTO Nellwyn Thomas, a Facebook and Clinton Campaign Alumni who also was intimately involved with the creation, publicity and deployment of the failed voting counting app built by Shadow LLC especially for Pete Buttigieg's stolen victory in Iowa.

Trendolizer is an aggregation engine that transmits important stories to it's owners at Lead Stories LLC, who then “fact check” the story. From there, shills using persona management software to appear to be more than one person, can go on the attack. This is something used before to build pro-America sentiment with click farms by the Clinton State Department as far back as 2012. Lead Stories LLC employs an expert at spotting fake personas named Sarah Thompson, so they can certainly build a good one.

Lead Stories does their so called fact checking with two sources. The first stated source is Facebook, where nearly everyone involved in a technology aspect of the DNC or the Iowa caucus previously worked. The second unstated partner is CNN.

Alan Duke worked for CNN for 26 years. He is now the Editor in Chief of Lead Stories, which produces no actual news. Lead Stories only job is attack other outlets news stories. CNN can not be said to be free of bias, especially in an election year.

In 2016, a CNN commentator named Maria Cardona was exposed as writing hit pieces against Sanders and having them edited by both DNC and the Clinton Campaign before submitting to her actual editors at CNN. She also works for the PR firm Dewey Square Group, who like Lead Stories, is a contractor for the DNC in this election cycle.

CNN's bias against the Sanders campaign became obvious during a recent debate when all questions pitched to Sanders were deliberately built as attacks to the degree that the behaivor of the moderators was questioned by other mainstream sources.

Already in our own reporting on election integrity issues the bots have come out against the Mockingbird. Every single article outlining dirty tricks played during the Iowa contest have come under attack from at least one strange person with no previous social media engagement as “Russian” or inspired by “Putin and Trump” despite this publication's often stated editorial disgust with both.

Mockingbird Publishing's accounts receivable department is very confused about how to bill the Russian government for our services. Literally every election story, as well as advertising for our upcoming book, gets at least one comment per day accusing the writer or the editor of being in league with or in the pay of or a bot for the Russian government, or Russian security services, or Trump, or Putin, or Trump and Putin together. Miss Catherine Fisher, who handles our billing and social media outreach is very confused. As a bot, she is not sure if she is subject to minimum wage laws the same as a human and if so is she subject to Russian or American labor law for her tireless efforts on behalf of the grand Russian conspiracy to say mean things about nice people on the internet.

Satire aside, the Mockingbird has never accepted a single penny from any government. We have not accepted money from the federal government. We have not received payment from any state or local government nor any foreign government. Our editorial staff has conversed with exactly one foreign government official exactly twice and after she was out of office. That would be former Icelandic MP Birgita Jonsdottir. She did not at any time induce us to any specific act against the United States government. She did not offer us money.

What money we can see as changing hands moves from the hands of the DNC to it's contractors and the so-called fact checking is carried out by open partisans in service of a narrow political clique. Remember to fact check and background check the fact checkers.