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Game of thrones

Obligatory Game of Thrones Review: Jon Snow returns from the dead after haircut. Fangirls mourn his lost locks.

Please excuse my sarcasm. I love Game of Thrones. Even more to the point, I love A Song of Ice and Fire, the book series upon which the show was based. I've read all the books. I've won all the arguments with all the nerds on all the internets. I've been waiting for last night's reveal since the A Dance with Dragons came out.


Game of Thrones review: Spoilers, Slash fic, Math and Hugs.

It's that Game of Thrones time of year again. For those of you unaware of the world of internet piracy somebody out there leaked the first four episodes. Therefore some viewers are a bit ahead of the rest. Those of us who have read all the books that have been published so far are ahead of you by quite a bit. After getting the news, I watched all four episodes in a marathon with a friend to see how this season would turn out. To this end it is only fair to warn you dear reader that there are