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Trump's Executive Order is a Lie that signals the beginning of worse crimes against humanity

Gerry Bello

Yesterday, June 21st, Donald Trump signed an executive order that he claimed would end the policy of separating children of asylum seekers and other immigrants from their families at the border and putting them in camps until they are parceled out to non-profits, trafficked, or simply lost. 65 children are “processed” in this way on the Texas border alone each and every day. The executive order does not end family separation and in fact makes it worse and permanent.

Like any unenforceable contract with Trump going back to his New York City slumlord days, one must read the bottom of the page not the top. It says that families will not be separated AT THE BORDER. They will however still be herded into camps.

The only real change is that the process of prosecution, separation, imprisonment and deportation will be dragged out over time and away from the eyes of cameras. In 1998, somewhat earlier in this author's tenure as an anti-fascist activist, a fellow member of his collective was quoted in a documentary. “Fascism doesn't start with concentration camps, it ends there.” This practice of judicial kidnapping of children is part of a comprehensive strategy of ethnic cleansing that goes with Trump's proposed great wall of Texas and the stripping of citizenship for paperwork errors.

When they reach those camps, they will be there indefinitely. That means at least until they are tried for the crime of coming to America. For those seeking political asylum, this is a catch-22. One must come to America to seek asylum. Thus they break the law by following another law and thus are not eligible for asylum.

Once a detainee is charge with a crime, their children are taken from them and they are separated from their spouses as well and moved to an actual prison somewhere in America. Their children then enter the system and will not be heard from again.

Children will be appointed a guardian. Since the parents do not have custody and are imprisoned, they will slowly loose their custodial rights. They will not have legal aid as the budget for that has been slashed.

Once the parents are done being detained, tried, and then convicted of the crime of fleeing a military installed government with US backing like the one in Honduras they will be deported back there. If they fled El Salvador or Guatemala, they would be fleeing the aftermath of civil wars and decades of death squads and US installed dictatorships. They will have no way to contact their children who will not be deported with them. The parents will come fleeing death, their children will be taken from them, they will be imprisoned and then deported to places with the highest murder rate in the world after having their children stolen and possibly trafficked. Ronald Reagan once called America the “shinning city on the hill.” Ronald Reagan was also completely addled by dementia and the shinning he saw is an altar to Moloch.

As the children are processed through the basically unchanged system, they will be taken to private facilities owned by General Dynamics, or the GEOGroup, or CoreCivic or one of a number of non-profits. One such non-profits, Southwest Key Programs, receives $458 million dollars a year to detain children and it's president got paid $1.6 million to run their network of private charity concentration camps.

There is currently a lawsuit, alleging that hundreds of children, under the care of similar non-profits, are kept drugged with up to 18 pills per day and sometimes 3 or more injections per day. That level of drugging can have long term health effects like adult onset diabetes. This drugging is done without parental knowledge or consent and the children are often so sedated they can not walk.

The day before signing this new executive order, the United States became the first nation in history to withdraw from the UN Council on Human Rights. Only three other nations are not members of this council. Those are Iran, North Korea and Eritrea. Their lack of membership, unlike America's, is not voluntary. This very week, America volunteered to join them while increasing the criminal penalties for fleeing for ones life from the most violent places on Earth that do not have an actual war going on. Should one successfully flee, they will be imprisoned, have their children taken from them to be sexually abused, trafficked into slavery, or tortured with psychiatric medicines.

Reporting on this issue is absolutely impossible to do without making certain comparisons between the practices of child separation, ethnic cleansing, detainment camps and slavery without saying two words. Nazi Germany. This article on United States human rights practice is now complete.