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Announcing our Existence to the world

Gerry Bello

The Mockingbird is a New Media project based in Columbus Ohio. We intend to provide the best investigative, arts and culture reporting in our area.


Columbus is a great international city. Our ATMs have nearly as many languages as number keys. People from all over the world live, work and study here. Our news should reflect our community. The Mockingbird will provide local, state and international news. Columbus is a globally connected community.


The number one complaint we hear is that the media does not tell the truth. We will. While the New York Times claims to report “All the news that is fit to print,” We publish All the news that's fit to prove. We have the aggressive investigative mindset that will spare no seat of power.


We do not trade deferential reporting for access to the halls of power. We also have state of the science methods for receiving leaks and we have the legal firepower and strength of character to protect our sources. Give us the sheet music and we will blow the whistle for you.


We will cover the local arts scene, the local music scene and local people making local news. Most people only see people they know in the media when they make the police blotter, the obituary or a rush hour delay followed by an ambulance ride. Community media can serve a community better than that.


We are not a non-profit. We do not want your charity. We want your attention. Our advertising commitment is to provide state of the science advertising tools to small locally owned and operated businesses. Our writers are media professionals and this organization is owned by the people who work here.


We are connected to two other small media projects run by our friends who we know and trust. The Outsider News is located San Francisco and we hope to do as good a job for our city as they are doing for theirs. Our Friends at The Leveller in London also have a more international and post-colonial focus although they claim they haven't officially started branding yet. Together, we are not a wire service or a franchise operation, just a group of friends and professional who are focused on bringing real news to real people living in real communities.


This is what we are, this is who we are. We hope to sing for you for a good long time. Keep listening.