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Jill Stein is the most incompetent Russian spy ever

Gerry Bello

Russia is a cold cold place full of sneaky sneaky people. Their president is a former spy. They have their own special word for sneaky sneaky warfare, maskirovka, which directly translates as “masking” from their funny not quite European language with it's funny not quite European alphabet. During the height of the cold war, when America was an alert nation that had the good sense to openly murder dissidents and mass execute protestors on college campuses, we could still catch Russian spies. The CIA's head of counter-intelligence, James Jesus Angleton, had everyone under scrutiny. He had the good sense even suspect Henry Kissinger of being under Soviet influence. Ruffles on both sides of the iron curtain have sagged in recent times with the Senate Intelligence Committee's demand for documents from the campaign of Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein, who is clearly the least well trained agent of the Kremlin in history.

The traitor Stein traveled to Moscow in order to attend the a party celebrating the achievements of Russian Today (RT), a Russian government sponsored news organ. RT is clearly state sponsored propaganda, like National Public Radio and the Voice of America, but different in that it does not have an American in charge. NPR has been headed by the former director of propaganda for the State Department, Kevin Klose since 1998. In his prior employment he patriotically helped advance Madeline Albright's statements that 500,000 Iraqis dead from sanctions was a “well worth the price.” RT is a weak propaganda organ, it can not seem to convince good liberals that half a million dead brown babies is in the national interest even though it counts such talented communicators as Larry King amongst it's hosts.

Stein sought to cover up her Russian collusion by not accepting money to reimburse her travel expenses. She openly talked to Putin and was seated at a table with him in front of cameras. Clearly her Kremlin training taught her to hide in plain sight. She thought that by siting at the same table as Michael Flynn, former Czech Deputy Prime Minister Cyril Svoboda, and former Bundestag member Willy Wimmer she would go unnoticed. Even with her oversized silver gray shawl contrasting neatly with the dark suits and melding her into the table cloth she was seen. This was poor maskirovka or masking or whatever that funny not American word means.

Stein has appeared on the RT network and has also been given favorable coverage by Lee Camp, an obvious anti-American comedian hosting the show Redacted Tonight, which no real patriot watches ever. According to a recent NPR profile it's provable viewership is obviously smaller than the 150,000 views it receives daily on youtube. Camp, as a good lackey of a foreign power, has claimed that the RT network has never told him “what to say or what not to say” but it is obvious it has commanded him to give favorable coverage to the anti-American traitor Jill Stein.

Is it an accident that RT and Redacted Tonight have the same initials? Clearly left wing political comedy is a Russian plot to subvert patriotic Americans from voting for Wall Street sanctioned candidates like Hillary Clinton. With the help of Lee Camp, the RT network, and Jill Stein came in 4th in the general election, siphoning away nearly 2% of the popular vote. Clearly Putin picked the wrong spy, as Stein did not reduce the popular vote for Clinton below Donald Trumps total. She had no effect on the electoral college, which Trump won.

Michael Flynn was seated at this same table, and could not conceal his acceptance of money from Russia. The Department of Defense, the Senate, the FBI and Robert Mueller. He accepted big piles of cash, and Putin did not even get his money's worth, as two-timing Flynn was also working for Turkey. He plead guilty to lying about how much money he got and from who to the FBI and now is a State's witness. Despite a 33 year career in the US Army as an intelligence officer, he cracked when threatened with a little bit of jail time, never mind under torture.

Jill Stein is completely incompetent as a spy for being seen anywhere near him. She is doubly incompetent for being at the event on her own dime while Flynn received $45,000 for eating dinner with her and giving a speech to a room full of people who did not speak English.

The only value of Stein to Putin is that she operated free of charge. She doggedly investigated election fraud after the count was in, muddying the waters by bringing in actual data scientists until the heroic actions of Democratic Party lawyers interfered with the grassroots fund raising and made sure that no actual facts entered the mainstream public discourse. Because she was not paid by Russia, she went off script and tried to separate truth from innuendo. Putin clearly needs to hire better spies and pay them more than zero.